Routes of Rio Grande do Sul - Porto Alegre-Canela via the "Romantic Route"

on May 31, 2009

Do you like to travel ? How do you like to travel ?

People usually like to travel in order to get to see beautiful places and nice cities. However, not so many travellers enjoy the road itself. If you want to take a nice car trip in Rio Grande do Sul, you should try the "Romantic Route". This route begins in São Leopoldo and ends in São Francisco de Paula, with some beautiful side trips branching off along the way. If you are travelling from Porto Alegre to Canela or Gramado, which are the most visited cities in the mountains, you may go straight on BR-116 highway and turn right just after Nova Petrópolis following route RS-235. This is not the fastest way to get to the region, but it is surely the most interesting. The road scenery is incredible and there are some places with a breathtaking view of the mountains, where you can pull over and take some pictures. In addition, there are lots of nice restaurants and good shops on the way. Following is a picture that I took some weeks ago. Enjoy your trip!

Express Master 2- 2x4-20:15
Quintino Bocaiúva
Porto Alegre/RS

Cambará do Sul/RS

Cambará do Sul is the land of Canions, located on northeast of Rio Grande do Sul state, is a really simple and quiet city. Despite of its naturals beauties, there’s not many restaurants and magazines there. Everything is like living in the field. People get there to visit waterfalls, see huge araucarias, ride horses and, mainly, to visit Canions Itaimbezinho and Fortaleza, which are extremely beautiful and impressive. This photo is only one of the views you can appreciate and fell in this wonderful place.

When I’ve been in Cambará, I only could visit Canion Fortaleza, but I intend to get back there to do everything I didn’t have time to do by the first time.

The problem is the weather! Cambará do Sul is one of the coldest regions of Brazil, because of its altitude. If you want do visit this place on the winter, you might really like freeze climate and be very well prepared by taking hot clothes. Although it truly worth it!

Carol CI M. Deus

Hundred years off history

Plenty of teams are great, some teams have 100 years but only S. C. Internacional were great enough to take 35 thousand fans to the streets of Porto Alegre to celebrate his birthday. Thousand off fans lead, by historical players like Bodinho and Valdomiro, by the president Vitório Piffero, sang Inter’s songs and made history with a party never seen before! It was just the beginning off a great year that is about to come.

Now, lets cheer in 2009 and just wait for the 200 birthday party!!

Matheus L. Senna, Menino Deus, Porto Alegre(RS)

Our Lady of Caravaggio

on May 25, 2009

Tomorrow, 26th May, we celebrate the day of Our Lady of Caravaggio in Farroupilha/RS.

It is the centre for one of the hugest and oldest peregrinations in Brazil. Its older church is state heritage of Rio Grande do Sul, being one of the most important examples of sacred architecture related to the italian immigration in Brazil.

So, why don't you pay it a visit? You can come at any time of the year.

Ana, Gabriela, Luiza and Marília - CI Caxias do Sul/RS

A place you must visit.

on May 14, 2009

What a spectacular picture, right? It's this kind of view you gonna see if you go to Gramado, RS in Christmas. This photo has been taken during a show that happens several times between december and january, a period of time called Natal Luz. This show mix lights and fireworks and opera singers and it was for me a unique experience. You have to pay to go, but it's not much and believe me, it's totally worth it.

We can't forget the wonderful restaurants either. There is a lot of options like fondue sequence and colonial cofee. I really recommend you to go and visit the city, especially that time of year.

Milena, menino deus, porto alegre

Barbecue X Chimarrão

on May 11, 2009

Vote for the best gastronomic symbol for gauchos!!!

These two are rough competitors for you to choose from: The best symbol of gastronomy in Rio Grande do Sul!


It is a typical Gaucho dish. The barbecue served in RS is considered to be the best one in Brazil.


It is a hot drink from the South of Brazil, and there isn't a single gaucho who has never tasted it.

Carolina, Laura, Luiza and Mariana, Quintino, POA, RS

Grêmio x Inter

Grêmio Foot-Ball club was founded in 1903, and has the largest number of footbal supporters in Rio Grande Do sul.It has won: 35 state championships, the World interclubs in 1983 , the Libertadores cup in 1983 and 1995, among others.

Sport club Internacional is one of the best football teams in the world.It has already won everything that a Brazilian team could dream of: 39 regional cups, a cup of Brazil, 3 Brazilian cups, a South American Cup, a Libertadores da América Cup, a World Team Cup (FIFA) against Barcelona in 2006, a Dubai Cup against Internacionale and a "Tríplice Coroa".Nowadays, Inter is considered to be the best team in Brazil by football commentators.Inter has revealed several famous football players, like Alexandre Pato, that plays in Milan.Inter is the only REAL champion of the world in RS.

Vote for the best and add your own videos!

Bárbara, Daniel and Marina, Quintino, POA, RS


This is Rio Guaíba
Guaíba is a river located at the start of Lagoa dos Patos. It's formed by a lot of different rivers. Porto Alegre is next to it.
Nowadays people discuss a lot about the definition of Guaíba. In the past we called it river, but some specialists claim that it is a lagoon, because the water flows too slowly to be considered a river. Is it an estuary? Is it a river? Is it a lagoon? What do you think?
Marcelle, Igor and Lauro, Quintino, Porto Alegre

The place where colours call you attention.

on May 06, 2009

Sky and blue sea, red land. Out of sand and water, the composition of colours seems a dégradé. Canoa Quebrada is one of the most famous beaches of the brazilian-north cost. At 164Km from the capital city Fortaleza, it has 365 days of sunshine and an enchanting view that changes the tourist’s conception about the Northeast. Welcoming people from all over the world, Canoa is the beach that puts the urban citizen away from the big cities noise, tall buildings, pollution, traffic jam and so on. This place is therefore, the best medicine against the stressful routine of the cities. There, the guest can practice Kitesurf, a very popular sport by the native ones.

You must enjoy this wave.

Marcus, Menino Deus, PoA, RS