The place where colours call you attention.

on May 06, 2009

Sky and blue sea, red land. Out of sand and water, the composition of colours seems a dégradé. Canoa Quebrada is one of the most famous beaches of the brazilian-north cost. At 164Km from the capital city Fortaleza, it has 365 days of sunshine and an enchanting view that changes the tourist’s conception about the Northeast. Welcoming people from all over the world, Canoa is the beach that puts the urban citizen away from the big cities noise, tall buildings, pollution, traffic jam and so on. This place is therefore, the best medicine against the stressful routine of the cities. There, the guest can practice Kitesurf, a very popular sport by the native ones.

You must enjoy this wave.

Marcus, Menino Deus, PoA, RS


Giselle Fleury said...

You people keep "mouth-watering" us.. :-)

Giselle Fleury, Barra 1, RJ

Aurélio Araújo said...

How I love the Northeast of Brazil. For me there's not a better place to spend the holidays...

I'm counting down the days till January comes so I can catch a plane and go back to João Pessoa - PB, Natal - RN, Pipa - RN and other places in that magnificent region.

Aurélio Araújo
Teacher - Goiânia SUL

CI Facilitator said...

You're right about it all! Northeast is the best. I have been to Ceará and RN. In Canoa: Freedom Bar!!!! and in Pipa: Calango's at night. During the day you can never decide which is the best place to stay.

Really breathtaking views!

Teacher - Menino Deus/RS

Anonymous said...

Isn't it the beach where the people from "Malhação" live? I though it was only a fictitious name...This is actually awesome!

Alexia Utz, Quintino-POA

Laura said...

Looking at this picture and reading Marcus´ text on a cloudy and cold day here in Porto Alegre is quite depressing...Please take me to Canoa Quebrada rigth now !!!

Marcus said...

Yes, Alexia Utz.
When I was there, this vacation, Malhação staff was filming the new season.
It was good.

Caroline said...

I would love being there one day!!
Beautiful place!!!

Your classmate, Carol G (BZ) - CI M. Deus.

Anonymous said...

I've been going for years and have made dear friends there. My daughter was born there but now lives with me in the USA. We return once or twice a year and stay at Pousada Iguana. Yes, beautiful!

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