Barbecue X Chimarrão

on May 11, 2009

Vote for the best gastronomic symbol for gauchos!!!

These two are rough competitors for you to choose from: The best symbol of gastronomy in Rio Grande do Sul!


It is a typical Gaucho dish. The barbecue served in RS is considered to be the best one in Brazil.


It is a hot drink from the South of Brazil, and there isn't a single gaucho who has never tasted it.

Carolina, Laura, Luiza and Mariana, Quintino, POA, RS


Luva Star said...

I love Barbecue every sunday i lunch Barbecue with my family.And i hate Chimarão because the drink is so hot!!!

Selena;Quintino said...

In my opinion, when the people think Chimarão, they think in RS.

Anonymous said...

I like barbecue, i eat every sunday with my family in my grandmother´s house. It is so good, because we are together and we can talk about the news drinking a hot chimarrão.

Vicente/Quintino/Porto Alegre

Mr. Tom (Teacher) said...

Barbecue rocks my world... :D
Mate gives me the heartburns... :(

Aurélio Araújo said...

Gosh, how I'm crazy for barbecue. For me there's nothing more delicious in Rio Grande do Sul and in Brazil.

Teacher Aurélio - Goiânia SUL

Simonne B. said...

Chimarrão is definetely the best symbol. Whenever I visit the South I take the chance to drink it and feel like a real "gaucha". It´s been a while now. Need to go back.
Simonne B. ( Meier I - Rio de Janeiro ).

*Rafaela * said...

I think chimarrão is the best symbol of RS...
Hugs and kisses.
Rafaela P.(Quintino/Porto Alegre.)

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, chimarrão is definetely the best symbol of RS!
Gabriela P. (Quintino/Porto Alegre)

Anonymous said...

In my opinion the symbol of Rio Grande do Sul and the most different is CHIMARRÃO!!!

Sofia L. Piccinini-Quintino-RS

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