on June 17, 2009

One of my favorite place in Porto Alegre is the Bric da Redenção,one charming place ,fun with a incredible cultural diversity.There you can every sunday in the morning,to walk,to meet yours friends,to drink chimarrão,to buy crafts or just relax .I recommend because I loved go to the Bric..... Katia, Petropolis.RS

Caxias do Sul: a good place to live

on June 10, 2009

Caxias do Sul is a very nice place to live. It is the biggest city in the highlands of Rio Grande do Sul, in the South of Brazil. Almost half a million people live here, and a good number of the population are Italian descendents, among others from different regions all around the country.

The weather, subtropical, with four defined seasons can, sometimes, change from pretty low winter temperatures to really hot ones, and it may happen in the same day! So, be prepared if you're planning a visit to Caxias!

People love getting together for big meals and plenty of home made food, without forgetting a good wine, of course.

Daniel C., Daniel Z. and Roberto - CI Caxias do Sul

Typical Food

on June 09, 2009

We're a YExp4 group and we decided to talk about a regional typical food. Instead of writing about it, we'll show you on video. The best part of it was eating, of course... ;D

YExp4 - Menino Deus, RS.

Porto Seguro - Bahia

on June 03, 2009

On June 2007 I went to Porto Seguro – Bahia with a few classmates of mine for our prom trip. We left our hometown, Bento Gonçalves, on June 17th and returned on June 24th. A minivan picked us up at 3:00 AM on the 17th and dropped us off at the airport, in Porto Alegre. In despite of the fact that most of us hadn’t slept a single minute before the trip to catch the plane, the adventure was immediately full of jokes and songs. At the airport, there were also other students who had come from different units of the school to join us.
At the time we arrived in Porto Seguro, we quickly started to feel hot, considering the temperature difference between Rio Grande do Sul and Bahia’s winter. After we left the plane, we went straight to the hotel, an amazing place called Bosque do Porto Praia Hotel, located right in front of a big entertainment center called Tôa Toa. I’m not quite sure if unfortunately or luckily, I had to share a really small bedroom with three other friends of mine, and if you consider four seventeen year old girls full of luggage on a room that either you walk or open your bag, you might have a small idea about the size of the mess that we made on that memorable week.

On that week, we were able to enjoy the fabulous hotel that we were staying in, which had an amazing and large pool, thematic dinners, singers and a spectacular amount of drinks to taste. A lot of little trips were made to beautiful places, like a visit to Trancoso beach, an amazing place with an incredibly tone of blue in the sea. Other trips were made, although, in order to enjoy the famous nightlife of Porto Seguro, I stayed sleeping while they occurred. Most of the afternoons we spent on that paradise happened just across the street, at Tôa Toa, where there were a large amount of bars with the most amazing drinks, and fun shows going on all during the entire day, including local and famous songs being played in the show breaks.

Every night we had a different place to go to. One of these nights happened at Passarela do Álcool, a downtown street surrounded by stands selling the highest alcoholic and tasty drinks, for happiness of the students and not so luckily of the teachers who were with us at this amazing trip. There were also a few stores selling t-shirts and stuff like that to remember Porto Seguro. We also went to other really good clubs, where we had the chance to dance and have a lot of fun with our friends. Although all the clubs were fantastic, the most remarkable of them is Ilha dos Aquários. This place is a whole island which is a club, with dance floors playing different kinds of music, an open space for shows, aquariums with fishes and sharks and an amazing sidewalk between trees. It’s highly recommended not to wear high heels during it.

Porto Seguro is certainly a place where you can enjoy astonishing views, a large amount of places to have fun moments that will probably not be erased out of your mind easily. It is also on my point of view one of the best places you can go with your friends before the separation of prom.
CI Menino Deus - POA - RS

My hometown

on June 02, 2009

My hometown, in the countryside of Rio Grande do Sul, is one of my favorite places. I was born in Bagé. In spite of being a very small town, I really love that city! Actually, I think that's what a I like the most about Bagé. It's a quiet place, you don't waste hours in the traffic, there are no high buildings, you can see the sky, the nature around you. I don't go there very often, only on holidays. But when I was a kid, I used to spend my vacation on my grandma's house. I loved to play with the dog and the cats. Such good memories have I got from my childhood there!
One thing I also enjoy is the farms. It's a very pleasant option for those people who are accostumated to the hectic life in the big cities to spend some time in the field.
The picture is from Santa Tereza's Cultural Centre. There used to be a village were lived workers of the cattle farms.

on June 01, 2009

This is the most beautiful beach I've ever visited, its called Guarda do Embaú. It's in Santa Catarina, 45 minutes before Florianópolis. There is a river, that you can see in the picture, which finishes in the sea, making the visual like an island of sand. Although the river offers a fantastic view, there are some problems caused by it because some days it's impossible to cross it on foot or swimming. You have to pay for fishermen, so you take a canoe and arrive on the sand. You can also go trekking and visit some beaches nearby, like Pinheira and other little beaches. It's an alternative beach where many hippies and surfers (because there is big and good waves) usually go there. This beach is not so good to spend a vacation with children cause the sea is dangerous and there are parties during all night playing very loud music. Everbody must visit this place one day.
Leonardo Quintela,
CI - Menino Deus