Hundred years off history

on May 31, 2009

Plenty of teams are great, some teams have 100 years but only S. C. Internacional were great enough to take 35 thousand fans to the streets of Porto Alegre to celebrate his birthday. Thousand off fans lead, by historical players like Bodinho and Valdomiro, by the president Vitório Piffero, sang Inter’s songs and made history with a party never seen before! It was just the beginning off a great year that is about to come.

Now, lets cheer in 2009 and just wait for the 200 birthday party!!

Matheus L. Senna, Menino Deus, Porto Alegre(RS)


Laura said...

What can I say? The picture is very impressive...I´m still a Gremista, though, so I just don´t have much to say...

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