Cambará do Sul/RS

on May 31, 2009

Cambará do Sul is the land of Canions, located on northeast of Rio Grande do Sul state, is a really simple and quiet city. Despite of its naturals beauties, there’s not many restaurants and magazines there. Everything is like living in the field. People get there to visit waterfalls, see huge araucarias, ride horses and, mainly, to visit Canions Itaimbezinho and Fortaleza, which are extremely beautiful and impressive. This photo is only one of the views you can appreciate and fell in this wonderful place.

When I’ve been in Cambará, I only could visit Canion Fortaleza, but I intend to get back there to do everything I didn’t have time to do by the first time.

The problem is the weather! Cambará do Sul is one of the coldest regions of Brazil, because of its altitude. If you want do visit this place on the winter, you might really like freeze climate and be very well prepared by taking hot clothes. Although it truly worth it!

Carol CI M. Deus


Laura said...

WOW!!! Amazing picture, Carol! Actually, Cambará is one of my favourite places in RS. Besides the cold weather, it´s perfect. This is why I usually go there during the summer (it´s cold anyway, but of course it´s not freezing...). I´ve spent a Carnival holiday there and it was just wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I loved your posting, this is a place I'm really looking forward to visiting!

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