Our Lady of Caravaggio

on May 25, 2009

Tomorrow, 26th May, we celebrate the day of Our Lady of Caravaggio in Farroupilha/RS.

It is the centre for one of the hugest and oldest peregrinations in Brazil. Its older church is state heritage of Rio Grande do Sul, being one of the most important examples of sacred architecture related to the italian immigration in Brazil.

So, why don't you pay it a visit? You can come at any time of the year.

Ana, Gabriela, Luiza and MarĂ­lia - CI Caxias do Sul/RS


Marcus - Menino Deus - POA said...

Wow! Congrats!
I've been in Caravaggio twice. I walked till there. I got extremely exhsausted. But it's worth. specially when you've got faith.
Besides it, there's an enchanting view of the mountains.
I liked a lot.
Send my hug to Claudia. I used to study in CI - cxs before come to poa. and tell her that I've been posting here as well. A post about Canoa quebrada.

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