The Plum Tree

on July 03, 2009

If I was to talk about a special place in my city, Porto Alegre, I would return to the past, my past. In those days, things happened nore slowly, there wasn't internet. So, the children used to play in the backyard, climb the trees, run more. But, returning to the place, favourite place was a tree! a plum tree! This tree had many braches like stairs. So, I loved climbing the highest possible and staying there for twenty, thirty minutes.
In the place, it was possible to see the Guaiba's sunset. For me, this is a special place because I remember the feeling of peace and tranquility. "The world is mine!", I thought at the top of the tree with a beautiful view of Porto Alegre and in the background, the Guaíba. Unforgettable!
I miss the plum tree,.. Is it still over there?

Aluno: Márcia (Interlink 5- Menino Deus - POA) - Prof. Rosângela