on May 11, 2009

This is Rio Guaíba
Guaíba is a river located at the start of Lagoa dos Patos. It's formed by a lot of different rivers. Porto Alegre is next to it.
Nowadays people discuss a lot about the definition of Guaíba. In the past we called it river, but some specialists claim that it is a lagoon, because the water flows too slowly to be considered a river. Is it an estuary? Is it a river? Is it a lagoon? What do you think?
Marcelle, Igor and Lauro, Quintino, Porto Alegre


Luva Star said...

I don´t know but i know this river,lagoon is so beautiful and one calm place

Anonymous said...

There are many people who enjoy praticing sports like swimming, sailing and rowing at Guaíba because there is plenty of free space. Very often there are watersports championships and sailing lessons.
Pedro, Isadora, Gabriel

Anonymous said...

Guaiba is Very beautiful place!!!!!!!!!!!

João Pedro/Quintino

Luciana G said...

Let's go out to the Guaiba sunset!! It's spectacular!! For me it is one of the best places in Porto Alegre!


Luciana G

Anonymous said...

In my opinion Guaíba is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Porto Alegre, and the sunset is gorgeous!
Aline Lafay/ Quintino

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