A place you must visit.

on May 14, 2009

What a spectacular picture, right? It's this kind of view you gonna see if you go to Gramado, RS in Christmas. This photo has been taken during a show that happens several times between december and january, a period of time called Natal Luz. This show mix lights and fireworks and opera singers and it was for me a unique experience. You have to pay to go, but it's not much and believe me, it's totally worth it.

We can't forget the wonderful restaurants either. There is a lot of options like fondue sequence and colonial cofee. I really recommend you to go and visit the city, especially that time of year.

Milena, menino deus, porto alegre


Anonymous said...

I love Gramado, i think it's the most beautiful place here in Rio Grande do Sul...I've never eaten fodue before (i know, it's a shame) but Gramado's colonial cofee is delicious!

Aleia Utz, Quintino-POA

Anonymous said...

****Alexia Utz

Laura said...

WOW! What an amazing picture!
I must admit that I´ve never been to Natal Luz, but you conviced me to go this year, Milena. See you there!! hehehe

Marcos Wilson said...

Gramado is a wonderful city with so friendly people, and some many place to visit, if same want go to Gramado I think the better season is on next couple months, there is a Cold whether really stronger if you like cold there is your place.

Simone Corrêa said...

I've never been to Gramado, but I do want to go there one day. There's something about it for sure... Whenever you talk to someone who's just been there, this person's really changed and amazed!


Simone Corrêa, Águas Claras, DF

Anonymous said...

If you are looking for some place just like Europe... you've just found out: Gramado. The exception of every city in Brazil. So, It's a piece of German, maybe. :)

Anonymous said...

This show is Fantastic!!!!!

I saw this show and this is very fantastic!!!

I love Gramado and your Shows ok?

André Ricardo/Quintino/ 21/5/09

Caroline said...

My last experience at Natal Luz was a disaster...rsrs. It was raining so much e I went on a excursion of my company and at the end of the day everybody was exausted!!!
I must go back there and change that reminiscent, right?!
Your classmate, Carol G - M.Deus.

Anonymous said...

Gramado is GREAT!!!
Julia Quintino

Anonymous said...

I have already been to Gramado, and I really like this place , I think it's very beautiful and I agree that there is a lot of amazing restaurants.
Aline Lafay/ Quintino

Isadora Pisani/Quintino said...

I just love Gramado.Every winter I go there just to see the Natal Luz, eat fondue and lots of chocolate. There is very beautiful and have variety of ways to enjoy the winter.

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