Pieces of Brazil

on April 23, 2009

"My favourite place is Catuípe because I like it so much."

Gustavo Cardozo, Quintino.

"My favourite place in Rio Grande do Sul is Porto Alegre because there I can go to the cinema, play games, go for a walk and practice sports."

Leonardo Silveira, Quintino

"My favourite place in Brazil is Gramado because it's colder than Porto Alegre."

Gabriel Musse, Quintino

" My favourite place in Brazil is Gramado because i can go with my parents at the weekend."

Pedro Victor, Quintino

"My favourite place is Redenção because it's where I do some exercises."

André Cassel, Quintino

"My favourite place in Brazil is Rio de Janeiro because it's very hot and it's where I spend my vacations."

Maurício Goldfeld, Quintino


Anonymous said...

My favourite place in Brazil is Rio de Janeiro, because I live here, and I think this place wonderful with beautiful beaches.

Me said...

I've been there but I prefer Rio
Giovanna, Quintino Rs

ghfdtuyd said...

My favourite place in Brazil is Rio de Janeiro,because is very hot and has beach.

Pedro Frasca , Quintino
Basic 5

Carol ♥ said...

I am only commenting here because it's my homework but it's boring because I could be doing other things but NO I have to comment because If I don't comment I get 0...
Well,My favourite place in Brazil it's Porto Alegre because it's very cool and...whatever who cares?

P.s: I DID my homework ;@

Anonymous said...

My favourite place in Brazil is Porto Alegre because is a quiet place and also has many beautiful.

Artur, Quintino
Basic 5

Marina said...

My favourite place in Brazil is Porto Alegre because I live here, and i think it's nice, besides the weather is good.
Marina Zimmer, Quintino

max said...

My favourite place is Ushuaia in Argentina.
I went there last year.
Max Oppermann, Quintino-RS

max said...

My favourite place in Porto Alegre is MegaZone.It is a fliperama at Barra Shopping Sul.
Bruno Fuchs Hillbrecht,Quintino-RS

max said...

My favorite place is Maceio.
Júlia Canton,Quintino-RS

max said...

My favorite place is Alpen Park in Gramado.
Maria Augustta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quintino - RS

Vitor, Quintino, RS said...

My Favorite place in brazil is "Nordeste", because there are such beautiful places there and it's unique, nowhere else in the world has this kind of nature.

Giselle Fleury said...

Although I'm from Rio, I don't think this is my favourite piece of Brazil... Actually, I believe it's far from it... Rio needs a "clean-up", so to say... From where I've been, Florianópolis is a city I would definitely move to if I had the chance... :-)

Giselle Fleury, teacher at Barra 1, RJ

Bernardo Rosado, Quintino said...

My favorite place in Brazil is Capão da Canoa because I spend my vacations there.

Jéssica said...

In 2007 i went to Rio de Janeiro and i loved!!!
it is a beautiful city and have a beautiful places for visit.
Leticia Franzen Quinalha,Quintino RS

Anonymous said...

My favorite place is Nova Prata in Rio Grande do Sul.I love go to NP it's very cool!

Me said...

My favourite place of Brazil is Gramado because it's one of the coldest places in RS and sometimes snows there.
Giovanna, Quintino RS

Antonio Drummond said...

It's not my favourite piece of Brazil, but Ilha do Mel, in Paraná (1 hour from Curitiba by car, van or bus; 4 hours by Serra Verde Express Train), is definitely a piece of heavenly paradise on Earth. Did you know that only 5,000 humans are allowed to stay on the island in order to have its biodiversity intact? On arriving in Pontal (still on the Mainland), visitors are required to fill in a form (like an immigration form) and wear a wristband which should be worn until returning to the continent: it cannot be lost, or else the visitor is summoned to leave the island - indeed! Ilha do Mel is the only place in Brazil where the control of the admission of humans is strictly enforced. That's why I intend to go back there soon, during the teachers' break in July. By the way: the flight Rio-Curitiba costs, on average, 89,50 reais. Don't you dare miss it!

Anonymous said...

I love Rio de Janeiro is very coll and interesant.The beachs is very good, the malls is very funny becuse I like go in the magazines.

Anonymous said...

I love Capão da Canoa...
Its amazing beach in Brazil,
i went to Capão da Canoa every holidays!

André I. ; quintino ;)

Selena; quintino said...

I love Porto Alegre!This is my favourite place in the Brazil because there are many trees in the city, with of flowers and its so beautyful,I love this.

Tomás Berny said...

Crist Redentor is one of my favourites places in Brazil. The view on the top were is the Crist is wonderful. The Crist is huge, beautiful and it is too much popular in the world. The Crist is localized in Rio de Janeiro - RJ. The Crist is the image of Jesus.
Tomás Berny,POA-RS,Quintino

Sofia A.-Quintino B6 said...

My favorite places on Brazil are Gramado and Canela-RS.It`s so cold there and sometimes snow in the winter. There are many shops and many atractions in these cities.
I love Gramado and Canela, these are the most beautiful places of Brazil.

Anonymous said...

Is very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

João Pedro/Quintino

Anonymous said...

My favourite place in Rio Grande do Sul is Gramado, because there are many stores, nice houses, fantastic hotels and delicious food in different restaurants! But the best thing is the chocolate!!!

Sofia L. Piccinini- Quintino-RS

Anonymous said...

my favourite place in Rio Grande do Sul is Canela, because have many difernts thinks to do, like going to stores. And the best of Canela is the chocolate!

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