A very popular Brazilian band!

on April 24, 2009

They're from Pará.


CI student said...

No way!!!!!
The best band is Chiclete com Banana!!!!!!!

CI student said...

For me, calypso is nothing different from a banter. They just can't create one song that is bearable. João P. - Quintino - Porto Alegre

Mr. Tom (Teacher) said...

GEE! That is not our subject, is it?

Anonymous said...

i really hate this band because i think that their musics are awfull, i prefere others singers like: akon, soulja boy, wanessa camargo, black eyed peas, paramore... this tipe of musics.
I almost like american bands and singers, i like the way they sings and their voices, and i think too cool how they use the things that a teenager thought in their letters!

georgia, quintino-rs

Anonymous said...

I don't like this band, because they are very boring.
Marina Albaneze - Quintino/ RS( POA) :D

Anonymous said...

I don't like this band very much, because in my opinion the songs of them are really irritant. I prefer others types of musics, like International music!
Viviane Mezzomo - Quintino/ RS - Porto Alegre

Anonymous said...

I hate this band because I don't really like their kind of musics.
Aline Lafay/Quintino

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