São Miguel Arcanjo - The Mission

on April 22, 2009

Here´s a a set of pics of São Miguel - a Jesuit mission that belonged to the Seven Peoples´ Missions - one of my favourite places in our state - as I´ve said before.

If you wanna find out more about this magical place, click here:


"Co yvy oguereco yara!"


Guga said...

Very nice place! Great pictures!

I was born in Paraná, much closer to RS than Brasília, where I´ve been living since 2003.

[excelent idea from Cultura Inglesa!]

Cristina Furtado said...

Santo Angelo is definitely a great place. I´ve already been there and it really is breathtaking!!!

Cristina Furtado (Goiânia Bueno)

tiago said...
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tiago said...

This is not only beautiful place but also an important place for history of Rio Grande do Sul.

Tiago Brenner, Quintino RS

Giselle Fleury said...


Looooved the post!!!! And the pics!!!

Giselle Fleury, Barra 1, RJ

Mari said...

I went to São Miguel das Missões.São Miguel is very old and beautiful :) Mariana Spuldaro, Quintino RS.

Pilar said...

Missões is very cool! I went there last year

Pilar Laitano, Quintino RS!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Missões!!!!!

André Ricardo, Quintino RS

Isabella Quintino RS said...

I visited The Mission, São Miguel Arcanjo in 2007, it was great!! It's very interested and beautiful...i loved! bjsss

Selena;Quintino said...

I visited The Mission with my school.It was very cool because we met Indians!!!!Indians!!!!!

PS:The Indians were peaceful!

Anonymous said...

I just loved visit The Mission! I went with my school but still is gorgeous!

Viviane Mezzomo - Quintino/ RS - Porto Alegre

Anonymous said...

I love Missões!!!!!!!!But I never went to the Missões!!!!!!!!

João Pedro/Quintino

Anonymous said...

I went to Missões, with school.
I think the place very nice!

Gabriela (Quintino/Porto Alegre)

Anonymous said...

missoes is very very cool leonardo rubin quintino rs

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