Itapuã in Rio Grande do Sul

on April 24, 2009

Guys, this is a piece of paradise in Rio Grande do Sul. It's called Chácara Velha Beach in Viamão , near Porto Alegre!!! It's part of a state park and the view is just spetacular!!

Magali, Quintino - RS


CI student said...

Germana, Quintino, RS

PIETRO said...

Do you have any boat there??

Pietro, Quintino, RS

tiago said...

I've been just to Itapuã, and I met Magali many times there. Itapuã is very cool. It's a paradise, you are right.

Artur- Quintino, RS

Anonymous said...

Itaponã is a very good place!!!!!!!!!!!

João Pedro/Quintino

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