My hometown

on June 02, 2009

My hometown, in the countryside of Rio Grande do Sul, is one of my favorite places. I was born in Bagé. In spite of being a very small town, I really love that city! Actually, I think that's what a I like the most about Bagé. It's a quiet place, you don't waste hours in the traffic, there are no high buildings, you can see the sky, the nature around you. I don't go there very often, only on holidays. But when I was a kid, I used to spend my vacation on my grandma's house. I loved to play with the dog and the cats. Such good memories have I got from my childhood there!
One thing I also enjoy is the farms. It's a very pleasant option for those people who are accostumated to the hectic life in the big cities to spend some time in the field.
The picture is from Santa Tereza's Cultural Centre. There used to be a village were lived workers of the cattle farms.


Laura said...

I´ve never been to Bagé, but everyone who comes from that city is so proud of being a "bageensse". Hopefully I´ll get the chance to visit this this beautiful cultural Centre one day!

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