on June 01, 2009

This is the most beautiful beach I've ever visited, its called Guarda do Embaú. It's in Santa Catarina, 45 minutes before Florianópolis. There is a river, that you can see in the picture, which finishes in the sea, making the visual like an island of sand. Although the river offers a fantastic view, there are some problems caused by it because some days it's impossible to cross it on foot or swimming. You have to pay for fishermen, so you take a canoe and arrive on the sand. You can also go trekking and visit some beaches nearby, like Pinheira and other little beaches. It's an alternative beach where many hippies and surfers (because there is big and good waves) usually go there. This beach is not so good to spend a vacation with children cause the sea is dangerous and there are parties during all night playing very loud music. Everbody must visit this place one day.
Leonardo Quintela,
CI - Menino Deus


Laura said...

I´ve been to Guarda do Embaú once and I had a wonderful time! I totally agree with Leo, it´s definitely worth visiting this beach.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this beach really looks like an amazing place, I'd like to visit onde day it must be great!
Aline Lafay/Quintino

Bruna Gunther - Quintino said...

Bruna Gunther- Quintino: I think this's a beautiful beach. It's a good place to surfing and enjoying with friends and family. I'd like to visit this wondereful place.

Amanda-Quintino said...

Amanda- Quintino: This beach must be an amazing place to spend your holidays. I think that the people who visited this beach liked it a lot.

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