What would you like to talk about?

on April 12, 2009

Welcome! This space is yours. Make yourself at home and use it as much as you feel like. You can suggest new topics and contribute with your very own ideas. Please, share stories and peculiarities of your hometown or state. Topics can range from typical dishes to landscape, regional celebrations to school life and how people spend their free time (or any other topic that occurs to you!). So, what would you like to talk about?


Carol,Quintino,RS ¥ *O* said...

What the rule said to the rock?

-U rock!
And what the rule answer?
-U Rule!

Kisses com Gloss

CI Facilitator said...

That's really neat, Carol! Thx.

Anonymous said...

Hi, people! I don't have favorite place of Brazil, because all the places in Brazil are nice. In Brazil there are many beaches, shops, places for pratice sports, ... All the places of Brazil are beautiful, cool and the most important is that I love Brazil!!!!

Catherine Giusti Alves said...

I don't have favorite place of Brazil, but I like Torres. Torres is the first beach of RS and is a good place for surf and weater sports. There are many shops and beaches. In the beaches, there are beautiful dolphins. There is a beautiful bridge that league SC and RS. Torres is very, very cool!!!!

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