Six Billion Others - Have You Got a Message to Give?

on April 21, 2009

Here´s a very interesting link to a cool website shown in one of our past Newsflash activities.
Check it out:

Then, watch the video & get inspired to contribute with your own message!

Choose ONE of the questions, answer it & post. Then check what the other 10 million other gauchos have got to say! ;D

- What is LOVE?
- What is your greatest JOY?
- What is your greatest FEAR?
- What is your very FIRST MEMORY?
- What would you CHANGE in your LIFE?
- What do you think HAPPENS AFTER DEATH?
- Do you believe in GOD?
- Do you consider yourself FREE?
- Do you have a MESSAGE TO GIVE?


Alininha ★ said...

- Do you have a MESSAGE TO GIVE?

The future belongs for who belive in your dreams... Make something good and you will recive back.

Quintino/RS - Student

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