Pix: Sunset in Porto Alegre

on April 13, 2009

This blog looks so wonderful! Congratrulations.
BTW, I do have a picture and it shows the sunset in Guaíba (watched from Ipanema - POA).

Carla Chaves - GSE, Rio.


Anonymous said...

Amazing! I love sunset, sunrise, sumbean! I love sun! It gives me energy. Nice pic!

Ricardo Campos-Quintino/RS said...

Oh, this is cool!
I watched this once but this photo is much more nice.
I think that the this sunset is one of the best things to see in Porto Alegre.

Tulio Zortea,Quintino/RS said...

The first time I saw it was last year.
It is a nice place.

Anonymous said...

This is very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

João Pedro/Quintino

Arthur Müller said...

In my opinionGuaiba is the most beutiful place in Porto alegre,and watch the sunset is great.

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