Dictionary of Regional Terms

on April 12, 2009

How should a foreigner order 'Cassava root' in your region of Brazil?

Guess the following vocab in a 'Southern style'...

  • A French roll (especially in Porto Alegre, RS)
  • Sausages (especially in Curitiba, PR)
  • A car crash
  • A traffic light
  • A young boy
  • A hill
  • Tangerines
  • A snack bar or cafeteria

Is there any peculiar regional vocabulary you'd like to challenge us with? So... hit us!


Caroline,quintino,RS *O* said...

French roll? That's easy: cacetinho!!!

CI student said...

car crash is batida.
traffic lights is sinaleira or sinal.
a young boy is called guri and a young girl is called guria.
Camila - Quintino - POA

Anonymous said...

sausages is vina.
A hill = lomba.
Tangerines = bergamota.

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